Moldova, home to approximately 3 million people, is an EU member state with an agricultural economy. Its legislative guidelines were developed in alignment with EU regulations. As a new presence in the clinical research industry, Moldova offers an excellent strategic location, motivated investigators, and strong data outcomes.

  • In operation since 2015, with dynamic growth potential.
  • Located in Chisinau, the capital of Moldova.
  • Pharmaceutical license in place.
  • Depot service provides better inventory control but direct-to-site delivery is available.
  • Full range of regulatory support to ensure timely receipt of site-specific import licenses.Same day delivery of ambient or temperature controlled products after customs clearance.
  • Services include regulatory support; import/export license applications; Customs clearance coordination; storage in all temperature zones; distribution, courier, and logistics; comparator sourcing; equipment purchase/lease; biosample export; and unused drug return and verified destruction.
  • Overall storage capacity of 70m3.

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